Wednesday, May 16, 2007

After Work Leisure Time

I lifted this photo off of a site called

May's New Car

This may not seem "blog worthy" to some but others of you will understand the significance of the photo above. My mom and I have been through many a used car together. The slow but steady decline of "Nougat" was hard to watch. May finally made the decision to pull the plug on our dear old Honda friend. Enter "Bluebird", a shiny brand spankin' new Toyota Yaris. Congratulations May!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nova's Rockin' 5th Birthday

Armed with a pink shovel, Nova reluctantly cleans the stable at Suey's farm..... a special birthday treat!
Suey's new foal, Hopi.
Hopi gets lots of love from the girls.... a good brush, fresh water, and hay.
Working the farm.

The birthday crew; Finly, Jake, Clara, Nova, Keva and Kayla
This year's favorite gift, a weener dog in a little purse.

Nova and her awesome Montessori teacher Andrea. We love her!
Andrea lights a candle that will represent the sun. Nova holds a globe and walks around the sun while the class sings, "The earth goes around the sun and Nova was, 1...2..3... etc". In between each verse Shawn and I describe what Nova was like at each age and show pictures.