Monday, June 18, 2007

Sitka Sprint

Photos from the Julie Hughes triathlon in Sitka.... slightly out of order and regrettably no action shots. One year ago, my friend Stephanie inspired me to "compete" in a triathlon. My goal, to finish gracefully and without injury.

Who better to partake in this awesome experience than a burly crew of Ketchikan expats? Milenka, Laura, me, Jill and Jamie.... a pre-race pose at the staging area looking fresh and only slightly nervous.

Southeast archipelago and the gorgeous sunny weather that stayed with us all three days. Sitka reminded us what "real southeast" felt like. Absolutely beautiful. Good to be in a place where everyone looks you in the eye with a "hello" and a smile.

A 5 mile run, 10 mile bike and 1000 meter swim later and we're getting around well enough to check out Sitka's nightlife at the renowned P Bar.Back at the hotel just after the race, sporting my lucky number 24 and feeling very proud to have finished my first triathlon. One of many I hope!