Friday, July 13, 2007

Nova and Chandra's Lower 48 Farewell; Oregon

The call of Nova's birth state was too much to bear. After picking up our San Franciscan friend Christina at sea-tac we made our way south along the Oregon Trail.

A bit out of order but here we are in Seaside on the 4th of July.
LOVE, this photo of Nova dancing down the sun so the fireworks can begin.
The magnanimous Miss. Christina Foushee gazing out to sea. Together again in Oregon, where it all began.

Portland's Rose Garden and Japanese Tea Garden, totally worth the long walk in searing heat from our downtown hostel digs. Nova was a superstar.
And the loveliest variety of all..... Christina, Nova Rose and moi!
Cousin Dan meets Nova for the first time for an Aryan Nation Family Reunion (that's a song from me and Dan's band DanCoeChanTra, look for our greatest hits album out late next year)
From Portland us girls made a bee-line to Tillamook for what else, a tour of their famous cheese factory! I'd highly recommend the cheese curds (yes, they do squeak) and ice cream samples, yum-me!
Nova can't hide her excitement at being at the ocean and playing in water warm enough to survive in for more than 5 minutes. As soon as she learns to swim it's a mother-daughter surf camp for us!