Thursday, August 16, 2007

First Week In Nishiokoppe

After 9 hours, flying from Anchorage, in a 400 passenger plane we landed in Tai Pei to switch planes for another 4 hours to Hokkaido and the 5 hour drive to Nishiokoppe. How do you say exhausting in Japanese?
Nova playing at the Tai Pei airport in the children's area. This was the shiniest airport I'd ever seen. You can see where children have taken their shoes off before entering the playspace. Double click on the photo to enlarge and read a very eastern set of playground rules.
Two days after we arrived in Nishiokoppe Nova and I were covered in these spots. We presumed it was mizu boso (water blisters) aka chicken pox since they don't immunize for it here. We later discovered we are sensitive to "bed bugs". A good cleaning to the futons, tatami and bug bomb of the house has kept us spot free for three days.
Ohara-san; our gracious guide since we arrived. He works in the Bureau of Education office where Shawn has spent the last week before the start of school. Mr. Ohara speaks very little English but between charades, pictionary, and our phrase books we get along just fine. Mr. O's trademark move; referring to his phrase book while he's driving.
Nova and her new friend Sachi during their first play date. Sachi is three and lives down the street. Our neighborhood is "kid city". I love watching Nova make friends despite the language barrier. No English/Japanese needed for water gun fights and bike riding.