Monday, April 14, 2008

What's New?

The adult English class now starts with the question, "What's new?" This is a chance for me to hear what the ladies have been up to and for them to practice easy English sentences. I love the way they hem and haw trying to think of something from the past week and then inevitably come up with something great and entertaining to share.

I can't guarantee you'll find the following great or entertaining, but here's my family's "What's new" for the weekend.
Saturday, Nova and I joined other villagers for tulip bulb planting along Nishiokoppe's main strip. I love that city beautification is open to everyone. There's a lot of pride in this tiny community and it shows.I like seeing more traditional Japanese ensembles such as this woman's gardening outfit. There is a mix of old and new here in many things. In the city I've seen women walking around in traditional kimonos. It takes me back to my childhood Holly Hobby sheets and pillowcases. You children of the 80's will know what I'm talking about. :) Sunday; visited a new beach outside Monbetsu.
Took this cute photo of Nova and Shawn having a love attack.
Went to the Ramen House. And for the millionth time.....YES WE KNOW HOW TO USE CHOPSTICKS!
JapOpposite at the video store. The Japanese, ultra conservative in many ways. Yet, porn in public places..... No one seems to mind that in the video store at the end of one aisle the XXX are displayed nonchalantly with the action and even the children's videos. What gives? Same with bookstores, convenience stores, and the Sunday paper. Classic JapOppopsite if ya ask me and just another weekend in Hokkaido for the fam. Until next time.... Ja ne!