Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Staying Cool

The power of UV.
I always wondered how they clean the dirty kid grime off the balls in the Komu (indoor wooden playground). Like futons, which aren't laundered, they let ultra violet light do it's thing on a sunny day. Cool!
Sachi and Nova, the princesses of Nishiokoppe Street, get the royal treatment and cool off in their backyard onsen.

Ohara-san took us to an ice tunnel and we were on t.v..... again. The camera man asked me to describe how I felt when I looked at it. I frantically think of all the adjectives I know in Japanese and string 5 together. One of several mortifying television appearances in the last year. Snow falls between the mountains on either side, the river melts a hole through the middle and voila, ice tunnel in July!
A breezy wetlands hike on the coast of Monbetsu.
Stay cool.