Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Now, you need to make memories."

Aki phoned today to say, "Now, you need to make memories". "Ok," I said. "What did you have in mind?" An hour later she picked me up for lunch with 'the make-up club'.
Below, members of Nishiokoppe's make-up club, Ayumie, Saori, Kaori and Aki.
Saori, our lovely hostess, served Platinum Beauty Water with lunch. Apparently it's very expensive and contains real platinum. I could feel the magical youthening properties coursing through my veins and hoped it would give me the same timeless skin of the other members.
Saori used to work at the make-up counter of a department store. She's way into the creme-de -la-creme of cosmetics. Here she is showing off her new oven which is HUGE in comparison to the microwave hybrid version of most Japanese kitchens. She is stylish in every way.
Where have you guys been these long past 17 months of unglamorous country living?!!! I totally enjoyed the girliness of the day. Though for me personally, there is a fine line between attractive and drag-queenesque, it was fun having Saori play makeover on me. Ta-da!
Now, I have made memories. xxoo