Saturday, November 3, 2007

Asahikawa Day Trip

Adrift in a sea of umbrellas descending upon the Asahikawa zoo. We get many concerned looks for not carrying an umbrella on rainy days but where we come from, we don't need no stinking umbrellas!

I look happy in this picture but the polar bear most definitely was not. Pacing his poorly constructed environment he didn't look so perky. People seemed to love the exhibits but I gave the zoo two thumbs down in the creature comforts department. If you look closely you can see a woman peeking through that bubble in the enclosure.

Jacket poetry reads, "SAUCY COOL :A lot of impression is given the great spirit."

Bikers of the world unite! No bike theft in this city. None of these were locked up.

As witnessed here, we do our best to blend in with the muted urban-chic of the Asahikawa elite. Two gaijin JET's sneered at us from across the street as we entered a McDonalds on the walking mall. I wanted to throw them the finger and shout, "We're just using the bathroom damn it, leave us alone!" I'm a little sensitive I guess. :)